Become the superhero you're meant to be,
the one the world deserves right now.

Every day, people struggle to reach a higher quality of life, and to do more for the world. They envision a life of incredible health, maximized productivity, fulfilling relationships, and increased success. To get there, it takes a lot of time, knowledge, and strength. Unfortunately, there's not enough time in the day, there's unclear information on what to do, and there's a limited supply of willpower in everyone.

Fortunately, there is a way to overcome these challenges.

Introducing SparkMan,
the radioactive spider bite you've been waiting for.

SparkMan is a holistic life training program designed to turn you into a modern day superhero, 30 days at a time.
With the SparkMan superhero training program you get:

Personal Sidekick

Your very own sidekick, certified in the the art of superhero training, to guide you through your transformation.

Spark Audit

An in depth diagnostic to determine where you are now in your journey, and where you want to be in 30 days.

30 Day Plan

A customized 30-day plan of action designed to tell you exactly what to do every day based on your personal goals.


A guided Personal Hackathon to clear your head and tackle the preparation steps for your mission.

4 Coaching Calls

A 1-hour coaching call each week for four weeks to keep you on track and adjust based on your performance.

Unlimited Emails

Email support from your Sidekick available to you as much as you want during the 30 days.


Recommended lifehacks from our laboratory to accelerate your superhuman growth.

Cash Back

Reach your goals in 30 days and get $30 cash back. If you want to make it interesting, put more money on the line.

Follow proven principles for behavior change

We teach you how to make your 30 days as effective as possible. Learn how to implement science-based strategies for making real upgrades to your life, and get them to stick.

Apply the minimum effort required for the greatest ROI

We believe in the power of minimum viable change. What's the least you can do for the greatest outcome? Your sidekick works with you to make the best possible use of your time and energy.

Leverage technology to make change easier

Every superhero needs an arsenal of gadgets. We give you a curated list of the cutting edge behavior change technologies that help you upgrade your life in record time.

Develop your repertoire of superpowers

Body Power

Get stronger, lighter, faster, and healthier. You'll get trained with the latest and most effective resources, lifehacks, and technologies to upgrade your body in 30 days. Learn what to eat, what exercise program to adopt, and how to consistently hit the gym. We don't let you skip leg day.

Brain Power

Improve focus, concentration, productivity, and mental energy. You'll get the latest and most effective resources, lifehacks, and technologies to upgrade your brain in 30 days. Learn what brain training actually works, find out if nootropics are right for you, and build a meditation practice.

Productivity Power

Get more stuff done with the Productivity Power Track. You'll get the latest and most effective resources, lifehacks, and technologies to upgrade your productivity in 30 days. Learn how to effectively design your schedule, find freedom from your inbox, and execute at the highest level.

Sleep Power

Every superhero needs his rest. Improve your sleep quality. You'll get the latest and most effective resources, lifehacks, and technologies to upgrade your sleep in 30 days. Learn how to implement sleep friendly nutrition, redesign your bedroom, and go without an alarm clock.

Ready to get started?

In reality, to become a superhero you need to upgrade all aspects of your life. You can't be maximally productive if you aren't sleeping well, and you can't be highly focused if you aren't eating right. We cover every aspect of your life with rigorous coaching and support. Please note that we only accept those who are serious about making major life upgrades.